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Cellulite is among the most common skin conditions that tends to become more prominent as we age. It can affect many parts of the body, namely on the buttocks and thighs. To treat Cellulite effectively, we must first know what Cellulite is, how it develops and what are the risk factors.

Cellulite is a localized change of skin in form of dimpling and nodularity/lumpiness associated with changes in fat tissue underneath the skin surface. The problem areas often include around the buttocks, hips and thighs. Fat tissues are normally present underneath the skin in form of pockets which are supported and separated by strands of collagen and held in place. In Cellulite, due to several factors such as aging, metabolic alternations, hormonal effects, rapid weight gain, genetic susceptibility, poor blood circulation and inflammation, additional fat is accumulated underneath the skin and these supportive collagen fibers break down, resulting in bulging out of the fat tissues and creation of the typical dimpled appearance of cellulite-affected skin.

Hence, the core underlying causes of Cellulite can be summarized in these two processes:

  • Increased accumulation of fat under the skin
  • Disruption of collagen and other parts of connective tissues that normally keep the fat in place

Since Cellulite is a multi-factorial problem, an effective solution should also be able to address different factors contributing to creation of cellulite. In theory, an ideal treatment is one that can first address the increased fat accumulation and reduce it in problem areas, and then stimulate new collagen production in those areas to further tighten the skin and help the body in better containing the fat tissues in place.

Venus Freeze is a leading and effective treatment for cellulite, as it addresses the problems at various levels, combining different treatment modalities (radio frequency and magnetic pulse). Radiofrequency component of Venus Freeze effectively delivers energy to the fat cells and droplets, triggering break-down of fat and lipolysis in addition to increasing collagen and elastin production. The magnetic pulse component of Venus Freeze induces the release of growth factors essential for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin, which results in production of more fibroblasts and sprouting of new blood vessels to keep the skin well nourished and healthy. Venus Freeze treatment reduces the fat underneath the skin while also increasing collagen production and improving local blood circulation; treating some of the main reasons why cellulite develops in the first place.

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