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Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes, hollow eyes and bags under the eyes are problem commonly seen as people age. But they may even appear at much younger age, due to genetic factors, conditions such as chronic allergies and congestion and at times, lifestyle choices and habits such as smoking, too much sun exposure without adequate protection (photoaging), excessive alcohol or coffee consumption, chronic dehydration, stress and sleep deprivation. Regardless of the cause, bags under the eyes and dark circles contribute significantly to make the face appear much older and take away the youthful freshness of the look. Despite the different names – dark circles or bags under eyes, puffy eyes or hollow eyes – all these conditions can generally be vastly improved by skillful injection of dermal fillers.

The appearance of bags under the eyes and dark circles around the eyes is often related to a combination of underlying problems including loss of volume under the eyes and near the cheeks (specially, movement and loss of fat pads under the eyes), sagging of skin around the eyes specially the lower eyelids, pigmentation changes (hyperpigmentation, melasma), broken blood vessels, and thinning of the skin around and under the eyes. The result is the darkening of the skin and bulging or puffiness of the area under the eyes.

In severe cases, eyelid surgery might be needed, but the good news is that in many patients, dark circles and bags under the eyes can be effectively treated with non-surgical treatments. At Amoderm, we offer many treatments to address the specific conditions contributing to development of dark circles to restore a youthful and refreshed look.

– Given the central role of volume loss in development of dark circles and hollow eyes, injection of dermal fillers is a mainstay of treatment for these conditions. Your Amoderm doctor can skillfully inject hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, Belotero or Juvederm under the eyes and at the tear trough area to restore the lost volume and lift the skin. This lift can greatly improve the appearance of bags under the eyes. Another effective approach is filler injection in the cheeks area which can generate additional lift to smooth out the bags under the eyes. Even when the problem is primarily the bags and puffiness under the eyes, careful injection of filler around and below the bags can unify and smooth out the lower lid-cheek complex, effectively masking and concealing the bags and puffiness under the eyes. The injections are performed using flexible micro-cannula for less discomfort and bruising and better results. It should be noted that due to the sensitive nature of this procedure and presence of blood vessels under the eyes, injection of dermal fillers in the under the eyes are and tear troughs should only be performed by highly experienced and skilled physicians, with a great understanding of the anatomy of the region. At Amoderm, all filler injections including injections for bags and dark circles under the eyes are performed exclusively by Dr. Jafari.

Laser Skin Resurfacing and Fractional CO2 Laser of the eye lids are other treatment options to improve the tone and texture of the skin and stimulate collagen production and tightening of the skin in the lower eye lids.

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