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Amoderm Signature Facials

Orange County Hydrating Caviar Facial

Indulge yourself with our signature facials and let your skin regain its natural radiance! Amoderm Signature Facials have been specifically designed to reduce and reverse the effects of aging, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate your skin, open the pores, remove the blackheads and reduce the inflammation of skin.

Our Signature Facials begin with analysis of your skin by our experienced Aestheticians. The skin is carefully cleansed and gently exfoliated to remove the dead layers of skin. Extractions are performed as needed. Additional steps will be performed depending on the type of the facial which may include deep pore cleansing, oxygenation, radiofrequency, revitalizing massage, various masks and application of our advanced anti-aging skin care products, developed by scientists and pharmacists in cutting-edge, FDA-approved laboratories. The end result is a vibrant, radiant, healthy and age-defying skin that will be the envy of all! Here is a detailed list and description of Amoderm Facials:

– Anti-aging Vitamin C Facial Followed by Collagen Gold Mask

This facial treatment is specifically designed to renew and rejuvenate the skin and prevent or reverse the effects of aging. Amoderm Antiaging Facial decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother skin surface and restores the skin to a youthful clarity. This facial begins with gentle cleansing and degreasing of the skin, followed by an exfoliation step that is customized to the specific conditions of the skin. Skin then undergoes intensive oxygenation and radio-frequency treatments followed by extraction if necessary. The treatment continues with the application of our 24K Nano Gold and Collagen Mask, designed to maintain skin’s natural collagen and prevent or alleviate sagging skin. This gold mask fights off free radicals to help prevent premature aging of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The facial treatment is concluded with application of a rich Vitamin C serum, Amoderm Rejuvenating Serum with Ceramide, Vitamins A, C and E and natural extracts, and Amoderm Anti Photo-aging Moisturizing Sunscreen (SPF 50) to maximize the anti-aging effects of the treatment and provide additional protection of the skin.

– Anti-acne Facial

Amoderm Anti-acne Facial is specifically designed to prevent and ameliorate acne. This facial begins with cleansing and customized exfoliation followed by a thorough steam and radiofrequency treatment which opens the pores and facilitates removal of pore impactions and blackheads. Extractions are performed as needed. The face is then treated with Amoderm Natural Mint Mask, which reaches deep into the skin and helps dry up blackheads, effectively cleans and tightens pores and absorbs excess oils. Following the mask, spot-treatment using Amoderm Anti-acne Gel is performed to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation and ensure a blemish-free skin. The facial is complemented by a generous application of Amoderm Oil-free Moisturizing Sunscreen to provide additional protection of the skin and leaving it moisturized and clear.

– Hydrating Caviar Facial

Caviar is naturally rich in essentials lipids, proteins, vitamins and several other active factors that contribute to a healthy and age-defying skin, making it an ideal natural anti-aging and hydrating agent. Amoderm Hydration Caviar Facial builds upon this rich and effective natural product to maximize its effectiveness. This facial begins with cleansing and customized exfoliation of the skin followed by an intense oxygenation and radio-frequency steps. Extraction is performed as needed and the Caviar mask is applied to provide anti-aging effects and promote healthy cell regeneration and collagen production. Next, Amoderm Rejuvenating Serum (rich in natural antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin A) is gently massaged into the skin to provide additional anti-aging effect and protection against free radicals. The facial is complemented by applying Amoderm Anti Photo-aging Moisturizing Sunscreen (SPF 50) to maximize the anti-aging effects of the treatment and provide additional protection of the skin.

Upgrade Options (Can be added to any of the facials above):

Any of the following upgrade options can be added to any of the Signature Facials listed above to turn them into Deluxe Facial Treatments, making already extraordinary facials into one-of-a-kind exceptional and extensive skin treatments:

  • Eye treatment (includes microdermabrasion and a light massage around the eyes and eye serum)
  • Decollete treatment (similar to Facial treatment, applied to the Decollete area)
  • Anti-aging hand treatment (includes microdermabrasion on hands followed by Rejuvenating Serum and hand massage with an organic herbal lotion)
  • Pressure point massage (on face and neck for 5-10 minutes)

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