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As we age, our skin loses its collagen, resulting in sagging of skin and development of wrinkles. Skin Tightening treatment is used to stimulate collagen production in skin, resulting in increased skin tone and tightness. Depending on your skin condition and specific needs, your doctor will determine the best course of action and sessions needed.

At Amoderm, we are pleased to offer Ultherapy®, featuring focused ultrasound waves and Venus Freeze®, featuring the revolutionary, clinically-proven (MP)2 technology, approved and cleared by FDA in the U.S. and other health regulatory authorities across the world for skin tightening and other pain-free and non-invasive body contouring treatments.


Why Skin Becomes Loose and Saggy?

Sagging skin is a result of complex aging processes often accelerated by environmental factors such as sun damage and bodily changes such as gaining and losing weight. Gradually, the number of collagen strands that are essential to keep skin firm and tight decreases, and the remaining collagen fibers degrade and break down, the supportive connective tissue shrinks, and the blood supply to the skin (vital to maintain its health and youthfulness) diminishes. From outside, the skin becomes lax and saggy as it cannot maintain its natural firmness anymore.Collagen

How Does Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatment Work?

Ultherapy uses safe ultrasound waves to deliver focused energy at precisely selected depths of skin. The ultrasound waves also visualize the treated area (just as a regular ultrasound scan is used for body imaging), allowing your clinicians to see the treatment area and choose the right target.Ultherapy non surgical face lift LowerFace

The energy from ultrasound is converted to heat, which raises the temperature in the target area in a controlled manner. The raised temperature (which exceeds typical ranges achieved by other modalities such as radiofrequency) stimulates body’s regenerative and rejuvenating response, activating and mobilizing cells such as fibroblasts to make new collagen (neocollagenesis) and other components of a healthy and renewed skin.

Ultherapy can be used for non-surgical tightening and lifting of skin as well as reduction of lines and wrinkles. Here are the issues that can be treated with Ultherapy:

  • Dropped and lowered eyebrows (non-surgical brow lift)
  • Saggy skin in lower face and jawline (Non-surgical jaw lift)
  • Loose and sagging skin on neck (non-surgical neck lift)
  • Loose and sagging skin under the chin (sub-mental area)
  • Wrinkles and lines on chest and décolletage area

Visit our Ultherapy page to learn more about this revolutionary nonsurgical skin tightening treatment.

Ultherapy non-surgical anti-aging treatments


How Does Venus Freeze Skin Tightening Treatment Work?

Skin TighteningVenus Freeze can effectively reverse these changes. Relying on patented combined radio frequency and magnetic field technologies, this non-invasive and pain-free medical cosmetic treatment works deep into your skin to increase the critical growth factors, stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, and promote the growth of healthy and functional vessels that supply skin with oxygen and vital nutrients. These processes can reverse the effect of aging and help skin regain its natural and youthful elasticity, tightness and firmness.

Let the latest technology in cosmetic medicine work for you! Clinically-proven, Venus Freeze uses cutting-edge technologies to create a highly-efficient, tightly-woven, and closely-controlled energy matrix that penetrates deep into multiple layers of skin. The energy is in form of a combination of multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulses which works to stimulate, restore, and restructure collagen and elastin of the skin, promoting natural skin healing without injuring the delicate skin surface.

Circumference Reduction

Presence of magnetic pulse also stimulates production of local growth factors which result in increased production of collagen and new blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to skin, maintaining a firm, healthy and youthful skin. Skin treatment using combination of radio frequency and magnetic pulse ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy and produces clearly visible results after a series of treatment. Moreover, the skin tightening treatment is safe and comfortable and there is no pain or downtime!

Key features of Venus Freeze Skin Tightening treatment include:

  • The treatment is painless
  • It is safe; So safe that there is no need for cooling gels or sprays!
  • It has clearly visible, clinically-proved results
  • It is the only technology that increases collagen production via 2 different mechanism, Radio Frequency & Magnetic Pulse
  • You will often see and feel the change after a single treatment; For optimal results, 6-8 sessions are recommended

 Venus Freeze - Body Contouring in Orange County

Venus Freeze

Real Results at Amoderm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center with Skin Tightening Treatment

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