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Weight Loss & Face

There are several good health reasons to consider dropping those few extra pounds, but for many, going on a diet and increasing physical activity to lose weight comes with an unwanted side effect: Volume loss in face.

We all have heard it or experienced it first-hand that when we want to lose weight, the fat in the face area – which contributes greatly to a youthful look – is often the first to disappear, while the unwanted excessive fat in other body parts such as belly and hips are far more stubborn. For some, the volume loss in face and the associated changes such as sunken eyes and temples and deepened lines and wrinkles are so prominent that they give up and quit the diet. Indeed as can be seen in the diagram below, aging is associated with loss of volume, including fat tissues in face, and rapid weight loss can have a similar effect as years of aging, as fat tissues in face are depleted.

Facial fat loss as seen during aging

The good news is that you no longer have to choose between having a healthy weight and looking youthful and fresh! Thanks to Sculptra, a new stimulating dermal filler, you can protect your face against volume loss when losing weight, or restore lost volume effectively afterward.

(Ploy-L-Lactic acid) is a special type of filler that once injected, stimulates the body to make collagen at sites of injection. Sculptra was first approved by FDA to treat facial fat loss in people with AIDS/HIV infection. These patients are known to suffer from a condition known as facial wasting (lipoatrophy), which is hallmarked by sinking of the cheeks, eyes and temples due to the loss of fat under the skin. This is very similar to what happens to an otherwise healthy person who is on a restricted calorie diet to lose weight.

Since its approval, Sculptra has been used successfully to restore volume and rejuvenate face in healthy people as well. The specific mode of action of Sculptra makes it particularly useful in treatment of patients with a facial fat loss, a condition that commonly occurs in those who are trying to lose weight.

Upon injection, Sculptra stimulates the cells to increase the thickness of skin and add volume to facial tissue. This results in restoration of volume in face areas with fat loss. Sculptra itself degrades gradually after the injection, but the newly produced collagen often lasts for a long time, around two years or more.

Sculptra should only be injected by experienced and licensed clinicians. For best results, a series of 3 injections is recommended. Sculptra needs to be dissolved in sterile water well ahead of the injection and the patients are asked to massage the injection area during the days following the injection for more uniform results and reducing the occurrence of lumps and nodules.

Amoderm is one of the few clinics in Orange County that provides Sculptra injection. At Amoderm, Sculptra and other fillers are injected exclusively by Dr. Elham Jafari who has treated thousands of patients with various cosmetic injections successfully. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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