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4D Under Eye Lift

We are naturally attracted to right proportions and balance and that is what we perceive as “beauty.” The same is true for cosmetic procedures and the most beautiful and appealing results are those that are proportional and balanced. The “4D Under Eye Lift” procedure developed by Dr. Jafari, MD is a key step toward achieving this.

4D Under Eye Lift™ is a highly refined approach to non-surgically treat dark circles, bags, and hollowness under eyes and contour cheeks using filler injections that are performed at strategically selected locations under eyes and in the cheeks and other adjacent areas.


4D Under Eye Lift to treat dark circles under eyes & contour cheeks



The 4D Under Eye™ Lift Approach to Rejuvenation

The area under the eyes is an anatomically sensitive area and not many cosmetic physicians have expertise to perform injections there. Moreover, patients commonly end up being over-filled or not looking very good after doing filler injections under the eyes. While some adjustments might always be needed after any filler treatments done, in order for the filler treatments under eyes to work nicely and look good, the injection must be done in a particular way and at carefully selected areas to be able to not only restore the volume loss under the eyes, but also address the commonly-ignored volume loss in the adjacent areas such as cheeks and nicely contour them. The 4D Under Eye Lift procedure addresses this by ensuring that there is uniform volume restoration and contouring in the area, as opposed to leaving one area over-filled and other areas under-filled, contributing to undesired outcomes.

4D Under Eye Lift to treat dark circles under eyes & contour cheeks
How is the 4D Under Eye Lift™ Procedure done?

During this procedure, Dr. Jafari performs injection of a combination of FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based fillers (such as Juvederm Volbella, Restylane, Belotero and Voluma) using flexible cannula. Cannula is a flexible specific needle with blunt (non-sharp) tip that can freely slide under the skin without causing pain or damaging tissues and doctors can use it to inject fillers in far reaching areas from a single small point of entry with minimal pain and bruising.

4D Under Eye Lift to treat dark circles under eyes & contour cheeks
Where Does the Name (4D Under Eye Lift) Come From?

Successful restoration of volume under the eyes and in the mid face requires a thorough understanding of and attention to the 3-dimensional structure and anatomy of the face and the placement of fillers are akin to sculpting and placing layers upon layers in a 3-dmentional way to create the desired look from every angle. When done skillfully, the patient’s natural look and beauty is maintained but the face will look more refreshed and youthful. In a sense, the time – the 4th dimension – is reversed, and that is where the name of this procedure comes from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is 4D Under Eye Lift™?
A- It’s a non-surgical rejuvenating treatment to reduce bags and dark circles under eyes and restore youthful refreshed natural look with no surgery or down-time.

Q- How is the 4D procedure done?
A- We inject a combination of FDA-approved fillers are various areas in and around under the eyes in a specific way to help with natural-looking results.

Q- Does it have a down-time?
A- There none to minimal down-time in sense of resuming normal daily activity. There might be some “social down-time” in form of swelling or bruising for a few days but all that is expected to fully resolved within 1-2 weeks.

Q- Can patients go back to work right after it?
A- Yes, there are some restrictions on heavy exercising for a day or so but routine daily activity is fine.

Q- Is it painful? Does it require general anesthesia?
A- Pain and discomfort is minimal. No anesthesia is needed and we only need to numb the skin topically. It is really a “lunch-time” procedure.

Q- How long does it last?
A- Everyone is different, but depending on the fillers used, the results can typically last for a few years.

Q- How long is the procedure?
A- It typically takes around 30-45 min.

Q- How much does it cost?
A- Since it’s a highly individualized treatment, cost varies depending on the combination of fillers determined for each patient, but it is usually around a few thousand dollars.

Q- Can the procedure be combined with other treatments?
A- Yes! The results can often be further improved by combining other treatments, such as energy-based treatments (namely, Ultherapy to further tighten and lift the skin). It can also be combined with Botox (or other members of the family Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau) to further reduce the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles around the eyes and in the face, and additional filler treatments in face and neck, as part of a comprehensive Liquid Facelift procedure.

4D Under Eye Lift to treat dark circles under eyes & contour cheeks

4D Under Eye Lift to treat dark circles under eyes & contour cheeks


Dr. Jafari’s 4D Under Eye Lift procedure is designed to ensure balanced and proportional volume restoration in the treated areas, and helps in avoiding over- or under-filling of the treated areas to achieve natural looking results. Contact us to schedule your consultation today and see if you are a candidate for 4D Under Eye Lift procedure!

Real results at Amoderm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center with 4D Under Eye Lift to Treat Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes and Contour Cheeks

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