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Questions & AnswersTag: Cellulite
How can I get rid of cellulite on my butt after BBL?
AnsweredDr. Elham Jafari answered 4 weeks ago • 
23 views1 answers0 votes
Best cosmetic procedure for treating cellulite on thin women?
AnsweredDr. Elham Jafari answered 3 years ago • 
350 views1 answers0 votes
Hip-dip and leg cellulite question
AnsweredDr. Elham Jafari answered 4 years ago • 
336 views1 answers0 votes
Best non-surgical treatment to get rid of fat dimples/cellulite?
AnsweredDr. Elham Jafari answered 3 years ago • 
321 views1 answers0 votes
Want to know the best cellulite/tightening treatment?
AnsweredDr. Elham Jafari answered 1 year ago • 
330 views1 answers0 votes