Botox allergy? Confused. What is it?
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Botox allergy? Confused. What is it?

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A patient asked 4 years ago
In January I had an extremely bad reaction to Botox to my forehead and frown lines I have had Botox for about 4 years It started with welts , itching , swelling I did a Botox allergy test with both Botox and the mixture used to mix it with in my fore arm the dr did a ” double blind “test noting happen I had no reaction to either injection ??? My question is so what actually happen in January with the reaction so confused
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 4 years ago
Botox Allergy?
Hi and thank you for your question! I have performed several thousands of Botox injections and have yet to see a reaction similar to what you experienced. While there is always a small possibility that your reactions were related to Botox, the fact that you did not see further reactions following Botox challenge suggests that Botox might not be the underlying reason. You may want to carefully think about other potential causes of an allergic reaction that might have coincided with the Botox treatment. I hope it helps and good luck!
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