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Can Botox fix my asymmetrical smile?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: BotoxCan Botox fix my asymmetrical smile?
A patient asked 3 years ago
My right (picture left) corner of mouth pulls way further than the other side when I smile and kind of makes the corner of my mouth look like female genitalia and there is an extra c shaped wrinkled on that side that doesn't exist on the other. Can Botox keep that side from pulling so far and balance my smile?
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 3 years ago

Botox for Smile Asymmetry

  Hi and thank you for your question! While in theory it is possible to do adjustments to the shape and form of smile, it is quite difficult to achieve desirable results and even if it works well one time, since Botox effects are temporary, it will go away soon and you need to redo it, and risk unexpected results again. Some degrees of asymmetry is natural and is present in everyone and based on the picture, your smile does not seem to be noticeably asymmetry (although I understand that it is how you feel about it that matters). Given all, I do not recommend doing Botox for this indication. I hope it helps and good luck!
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