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Filler in chin is UNEVEN? Should I get it dissolved? I received 1 syringe of Voluma.

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: Chin FillersFiller in chin is UNEVEN? Should I get it dissolved? I received 1 syringe of Voluma.
A patient asked 4 years ago
It was mainly focused on my jawline but a tiny amount was added to my chin. my chin is now in a lot of pain the day of the procedure several hours after. My chin is crooked on one side, on that same side it hurts a lot more. I did press on that side to try and fix the filler in the beginning like I was instructed. I was told it wouldn’t shift much after injected. My main question for you is, will it remain uneven? OR do we believe that is swelling.
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 4 years ago

Uneven Chin Filler?

Hi and thank you for your question! Swelling following the filler is very common and it can present as uneven or otherwise undesirable look. While the swelling gradually gets better from day 2-3, it might take up to 2 weeks to fully subside and hence, you should not be concerned with the look during the first two weeks as what you see is mostly the swelling. This being said, pain and tenderness following filler is not that common so if you are experiencing substantial pain that is persisting beyond a few hours following the filler, you might want to do a follow up with your injector. Otherwise, please allow two weeks to pass and by then if you have any concerns with the look, do a follow up with your injector. I hope it helps and good luck!


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