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How long after being injected will it take for me to know that nothing is going to go terribly wrong?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: BotoxHow long after being injected will it take for me to know that nothing is going to go terribly wrong?
A patient asked 4 years ago
I was injected with 5 units of Botox on each side, so 10 units total for crows feet two days ago. How long untill I will be able to judge if the effects will be negative ot positive. I know it will be 7-10 days to see the full effect. My question is how soon can I let go of my anxiety that anything went wrong. For example would I know by day 3 if I was going to experience chipmunk cheeks or drooping eyes?
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 4 years ago

Timeline after Botox Injection

Hi and thank you for your question! You seem to be too worried and it is best co communicate this to your physician. Millions of patients are treated with Botox and the vast majority do not have any significant unwanted side effects, so you do not want to be overly anxious about it! It might take up to 2 weeks for the full effects of Botox to kick in and the muscles to adjust to the effect. In fact, it is not uncommon for my patients to be alarmed at some “over correction” during the first few days after Botox but I always advised them to be patient and wait. As the Botox effect settles in and the target muscles are relaxed, almost all issues they initially had are resolved. This is because all muscles in our body work in concert and balance each other and some muscles might respond sooner to Botox while others are still adjusting to it and the patient should allow the two week period for the final result to appear and settle. I hope it helps and good luck!


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