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How long does a liquid facelift last?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: Liquid FaceliftHow long does a liquid facelift last?
A patient asked 5 years ago
I am wanting to have a face lift but just don’t have the money right know but I would like to know about how much a liquid face lift cost and how long it last, or if it would be better and cheaper to have a mini lift and what is a mini lift exactly?
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 5 years ago

Liquid Facelift Cost

Hi and thank you for sharing your question here! As we age, we lose volume in our face at many areas namely temples, under the eyes, cheeks and around the mouth. In essence, the face “deflates” causing features such as nose and ears to become more prominent. The skin will also starts to sag down. Based on this, volume restoration is really the mainstay of antiaging treatments and fillers provide the main and most reliable option for restoring the volume, in what is known as liquid facelift. It is important to remember that surgical facelift does not necessarily eliminate the need for liquid facelift; a patient might undergo surgical facelift, but the procedure can do little or nothing to help with the volume loss and hence the patient will still benefit greatly from liquid facelift with filler. Liquid facelift is generally significantly more affordable and there is minimal to none down-time. The result will look natural if done at skilled hands. The treatments results can last from two to five years depending on the type of fillers used. The cost will also vary depending on the amount of type of fillers used, but for most patients, it will range from $1500 up to $5000. I hope it helps and thank you!


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