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What can I do to fix my hollow eye bags?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: Eye Bags TreatmentWhat can I do to fix my hollow eye bags?
A patient asked 5 years ago
I’m 27 yo, and my hollow eyebags have gotten worst as years go by. Specially since I became a mom. Wish they would be dark only but the hollowness makes me feel a lot older 🙁 What is the best option to fix them? I’m looking for a smooth, tight, totally hollowness and clear area If fillers are the best option, how much milliliters wold I need? Thank you
1 Answers
Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 5 years ago

Fixing Hollow Eyes

Hi and thank you for your question! Based on the pictures you seem to be a great candidate for filler injection under the eyes. When done skillfully, it can greatly help with the hollows and dark circles under the eyes. I usually recommend Belotero, Restylane or Volbella injected using micro-cannula. Please make sure to work with a physician who is highly experienced in injections under the eyes. I hope it helps and good luck!


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