Will Venus Freeze after coolsculpting melt the frozen cells?
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Will Venus Freeze after coolsculpting melt the frozen cells?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: Venus FreezeWill Venus Freeze after coolsculpting melt the frozen cells?
A patient asked 3 years ago
I know Venus Freeze is a hot treatment that penetrates deeper then the fat but will it melt the fat cells in the weeks after CoolSculpting before the Frozen cells have a chance to break down and eliminate?? This s is my theory anyway. Am I wring or does this totally make sense?
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 2 years ago

Venus Freeze after CoolSculpting

Hi and thank you for your question! You have an interesting theory! Of course one must remember that the fat cells are not really “frozen” in CoolSculpting as the ideal temperature to induce them to die while preserving other tissues is above freezing and around 39-41 degrees. Additionally, the tissue temperature quickly raises to the normal range following the treatment. As the fat cells die and they are cleared by the body, some inflammation is often present which might take for a while. Doing Venus Freeze later on and after the inflammation is over might be an option to further smooth out the results. At my clinic we often combine Venus Freeze with the other fat-removal treatment, SculpSure, for better results. I hope it helps and good luck!


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