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How Can I Treat Spider Veins?

How Can I Treat Spider Veins?

Spider veins on your legs can be so embarrassing that result in a wardrobe full of long pants and skirts. You don’t have to hide anymore. At AmoDerm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center in Irvine, we can reduce the appearance of spider veins and get you back to the beach.

Spider veins are dilated blood vessels close to your skin’s surface. Usually they are blue or red in color and occur most commonly on your legs. Treatment for spider veins usually takes less than an hour and requires little recovery time.

We offer both laser vein removal. For spider veins, sclerotherapy is the most effective treatment. With sclerotherapy, the doctor injects a special solution into the superficial veins that will collapse them and inhibit blood flow to them. Once they are collapsed the body should absorb them within a few weeks and your legs will look smooth and young again.

If you need treatment for spider veins, please contact AmoDerm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center today for your consultation in our Irvine office.


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