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How Can We Awaken Our Body’s Own Rejuvenating Potentials?

How Can We Awaken Our Body's Own Rejuvenating Potentials?

Our body has some amazing potentials to heal and rejuvenate itself. When we accidentally cut ourselves, healing pathways are activated and the wound is quickly sealed. With a surge of growth factors, fibroblasts and other stem cells are activated to recruit new blood vessels and form new collagen and other components of youthful healthy skin. You might have noticed that the skin over a recently healed wound often looks healthier, firmer, smoother and brighter than the surrounding skin, an indicator of how our body regenerates new healthy skin during the healing process. Only if we could trick our body to do its magic to the skin everywhere without the need to suffer any wounds!

The good news is that thanks to advancements in medical technology, we can actually do this! Venus Freeze is a revolutionary FDA-approved treatment with proven clinical results. Combining therapeutic multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic pulses, Venus Freeze provides an effective, safe and convenient treatment to stimulate and augment the body’s own healing and rejuvenating capabilities. Just like when a wound is present, Venus Freeze stimulates the cells of the body to make new collagen and blood vessels to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin with results most noticeable after a series of 6-8 treatments.

But the magic of Venus Freeze does not end here. Using its specialized hand piece for large body areas such as abdomen, hip and thighs, Venus Freeze can emit deeper penetrating therapeutic radiofrequency to reach the fat layers under the skin. There, it works its way to solubilize and liquefy the excessive subcutaneous fat which is mobilized and removed by the lymphatic system. The healing process is also activated to tighten the skin. The combined action of these processes provides an excellent treatment for cellulite, as the excessive fat is dissolved and dissipated and the skin is tighten to better contain the remaining fat tissue in its place. This treatment can also be used to drop 1 or 2 sizes by reducing the underlying fat tissues.

What is so great about Venus Freeze is that it is very safe and virtually pain-free. Many patients actually find the treatment quite comforting and relaxing, similar to a hot-stone massage. There is no painful sparking and arching that is often seen in other radiofrequency treatments. While the treatment starts working its magic from the very first session, the best results are often seen after a series of 5-8 sessions depending on the treated areas and conditions. Remember: Aging does not happen over-night, and so its treatment and reversal also takes some time and some patience!  

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