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Are my lips too small for lip augmentation?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: Lip AugmentationAre my lips too small for lip augmentation?
A patient asked 7 years ago
Sounds silly but i'm afraid if I were to get any injections they would look REALLY fake. I can't stand when I see girls get their lips done and they are the same width and height all the way around. That doesn't explain it well but maybe you know what I'm talking about. I'm afraid that because my lips are completely flat with my face that it wouldn't work. what do you suggest? I also considered a nose job because my nose is quite big, and maybe a smaller nose would take the focus off my lips
1 Answers
Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 4 years ago

Lips Too Small for Augmentation

  Hi and thank you for your question! No lip is really too small for augmentation and we can always add some volume which can look nice if done carefully. Being in this field for years, I am certainly no stranger to concerns like yours. To be honest, the problem with cosmetic medical treatments is that when done properly and skillfully, few people would be able to notice it that some "works" have been done, while almost everyone can spot the work that has been done improperly (e.g. over-filling, etc). Hence, many people tend to fear cosmetic treatments thinking that it will make them look "fake". When done properly, cosmetic injections will have balanced and natural-looking results. In your case, if you are too concerned, it's always a good idea to do gradual work in small steps to make sure you get used to the result and like it. In worst case, we can always revised or dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers if patient is not satisfied with the results. I hope it helps and good luck!
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