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What is the best and safest injection technique for tear troughs?

Cosmetic Treatments QuestionsCategory: VolbellaWhat is the best and safest injection technique for tear troughs?
A patient asked 1 year ago
I’ve went for 3 consults and each Dr wanted to do a different filler technique: filler with cannula superficially (volbella), filler with needle under the muscle (belotero), and filler with cannula above and below the fat pad (restylane). I’m so confused and want to make the best and safest choices, please help realself docs!
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Dr. Elham Jafari Staff answered 1 year ago

Best Technique for Filler in Tear Troughs


Hi and thank you for your question! Filler injection in tear troughs and under eyes is one of my primary specialties and I perform this procedure several times a day. For the area under eyes and tear troughs, cannula is the best and safest method of injection. Volbella, Belotero and Restylane are all good options for that area, although my own favorite and recommendation is Volbella for under eyes. Going too superficially runs the risk of causing the Tyndall effect (bluish discoloration) and should be avoided. In general, I perform my injections using cannula at various depths/planes, using a technique I developed that is called 4D Under Eye Lift. For best results, it is of utmost importance that you work with an injector who is highly experienced and can show you several before and after pictures of the patients treated. I hope it helps and good luck!



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