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QWO Cellulite Injection

QWO (pronounced “kwoh”) is the first and currently only FDA-approved injection for treatment of cellulite. Qwo is believed to work by breaking down and releasing the fibrous bands that entrap and pull down the skin against the underlying fat tissues which gives way to the dimples. As Qwo breaks down the bands, smooth and dimple-free skin is gradually restored.

Almost 9 out of 10 women report having cellulite and more than half indicate that their cellulite bothers them to the point of making them feel self-conscious, unhealthy and frustrated. Cellulite can occurs in many areas such as thighs, butts, hips, tummy, arms and calves.

Cellulite is no one’s fault and it can and will develop in many regardless of age, size, life style and level of health and fitness. Cellulite is the result of natural changes that take place in our skin and body over time: Fat cells grow larger, the skin becomes thinner and looser and fibrous bands that anchor the skin to the underlying tissues become thicker, pulling and pressing the skin down against the fat tissues which will lead to the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite mechanism

QWO is a revolutionary new non-surgical treatment for cellulite that works by breaking down the fibrous bands and releasing the skin to restore smoother and dimple-free look. According to the FDA, Qwo can be used for treatment of mild to moderate cellulite in buttocks in adult women. How qwo works

The active ingredient of Qwo is a specific type of collagenase enzyme that breaks down and releases the fibrous bands responsible for pulling the skin and creating dimples. This will help with redistributing the fat cells that had been trapped between the bands while stimulating synthesis and growth of new collagen. The skin contour will gradually get smoother and the appearance of dimples ad cellulite will improve over time.

QWO is a non-surgical treatment with no down-time and injections are typically completed within minutes. Qwo injection is performed using fine needles with no or minimal discomfort.

During the treatment visit, your doctor will assess the cellulite and mark the areas for treatment. Most patients typically require 3 rounds of injections, three weeks apart. While individual results may vary, visible results may be achieved in 10 weeks or sooner.

QWO before-afterIt is important to know that while serious side effects such as allergic reactions and infections are very rare, patients commonly experience bruising in and around the treated areas. The bruising is usually cleared within days to two weeks.

QWO before-afterTraditionally, topical treatments such as lotions, creams and scrubs have been used for cellulite, but these treatments offer very limited relief which is at best, temporary. As cellulite is caused by changes in the skin laxity, fat cells and fibrous bands, superficial and topical treatments have little chance of reaching the root cause of it and hence the results are often disappointing.

At Amoderm, in addition to Qwo injections, we also offer Venus Freeze which combines radiofrequency and magnetic pulsing to treat the root causes of cellulite by melting away the fat cells and repairing and restructuring the collagen strands. Each patient is different and we will discuss various options during your consultation visit to come up with the best recommendations tailored to each patient’s specific condition.




Say goodbye to cellulite and dimples! Contact Amoderm today to learn more about QWO and see if you are a candidate for Qwo injection. Amoderm is among the few clinics in Orange County to provide Qwo non-surgical treatment for cellulite.



Real Results at Amoderm Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Center with QWO Cellulite Treatment

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