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Tips for Better Cosmetic Treatment Results

Tips for Better Cosmetic Treatment Results

At Amoderm, we take pride in our commitment to stand by our patients in their rejuvenating journey to let their true natural beauty and youthfulness shine! Here are a few tips to ensure better treatment results:

– We don’t age over night, so it is unrealistic to expect to reverse the effects of years of aging with just one or two treatments. Achieving best results calls for commitment and working closely with your doctor. Nothing beats developing an ongoing, friendly and trusting relationship with your physician as a partner and companion in your rejuvenating journey!

– Don’t over-focus on one or few problems. Some patients ask us specifically to address one issue, say, lines around their mouth or eyes, while ignoring other issues such as hollow cheeks. While we always listen to our patients and do our best to address their concerns, there are many times that we can do a lot more to help. At Amoderm we advocate whole face rejuvenation approach, using a combination of Botox, Dysport, fillers and lasers to achieve uniform, holistic and balanced rejuvenation of the face and body.

– Prevention is better than treatment. While a part of aging is dictated by our genes over which we have little control (yet), a big part of aging process is resulted or accelerated by environmental factors and our life style choices. Sun rays are by far the leading cause of skin aging and serious diseases like skin cancer. Yet the solution is very simple: reducing unnecessary sun exposure and regular use of broad-spectrum sun blocks. Maintaining youthful skin and body requires healthy diet. Unhealthy foods can often increase inflammation and accelerate collagen break-down.

– There is no one-size-fits-all in cosmetic medicine. Each person is different and aging process affects each person (and even same person at different times) in various ways. That’s why we offer complimentary consultation before any treatments to be able to closely examine the skin condition and discuss the options with our patients.

– Don’t wait for too long! Some people think they can postpone taking care of their face and body for now, and then when the time comes, fix it all with one or two surgery. Only if it were true! There are times when surgery is the answer but for many of us, procedures like botox and filler injection can reverse years of aging within minutes, with no or little downtime and bruising. Compare this with costly and risky surgical procedures and the choice is clear. Left untreated, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin that can easily be fixed today in what is known as “liquid facelift” will turn into more severe problems requiring surgeries like facelift and more in a few years.

– Don’t forget your hands and neck! It is great to have a face free of lines and wrinkles, with its youthful volume restored with a natural look, but you don’t want your neck and hands send the wrong message! Aging process affects neck, décolletage and hands just as much as the face, and these can also be effectively and easily treated by your experienced doctor. Treatments can address lines, wrinkles, muscle bands, sun spots, prominent veins, and lost volume.

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